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Roots and Wings Village

A unique community for homeschooling families based in Walden, NY

Reclaiming Wonder

We are re-imagining what education and community look like and paving the way on a path less traveled. Together we hope to reclaim the joy and wonder of childhood. We strive to cultivate curiosity, awe, and a hunger for knowledge in the lives of our children.

It takes a village…

We are committed to building a community in which we can all thrive and grow. Our dream is to be a space where we can each find the courage to step into our true purpose and support one another in the process.

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Their own masterpieces…

“Your children are not a masterpiece that you create. They are their own masterpiece, creating themselves, and you have been given the privilege of watching them be the artist.”

What Parents Are Saying

Great place to bring your children.

– Shannon

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Roots and Wings Village LLC

Shanti Mandir

51 Muktananda Marg

Walden, NY 12586