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Our Values

Our mission at Roots and Wings Village is guided by several core values.

Roots and Wings Village is a community where our children are growing up deeply supported in who they are while being encouraged to discover and become their best selves. In putting social-emotional learning at the forefront, we see our children building empathy and connecting their inner and outer worlds through play, conversation, creative expression, movement, and shared discovery. There is so much magic happening in the small moments here.

core values


We hope to instill in each child respect for oneself and one’s community. We nurture each child’s instinctive appreciation of the natural world. Lessons of love and respect are in how we treat each other, how we treat ourselves, and how we treat our environment. We set and respect boundaries.


Roots and Wings Village is built on a foundation of peace and as a community we strive to practice nonviolence. We use nonviolent communication and peaceful conflict resolution. As guests at Shanti Mandir, Temple of Peace, we abide by vegetarian-only diets while on the property.


We believe we are all worthy of love, belonging, and joy. We will allow others to see us and strive truly, deeply see one another. As a community, we practice inclusion, consent, and anti-racism. We long to create meaningful connections and forge lasting bonds of friendship.


We value diversity in all its forms and we welcome families from all different backgrounds. Our goal is to help our children to know that they are cared for and deserving of love. They were born perfect, whole and complete.


We will practice courage by showing up authentically and letting ourselves be seen. We will learn how to be vulnerable ourselves and to honor vulnerability in others. We will practice self-compassion and embrace our own imperfections. We will face fear and grief together, allowing ourselves to feel pain. We will share our stories of struggle and strength. We are all lifelong learners and embrace a growth mindset.


Together we will practice gratitude. We recognize that we will all make mistakes and we will work to make amends. We will choose to feel joy and be filled with the knowledge that we are enough.

If this speaks to you – reach out!

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