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Who We Are

“I don’t think one parent can raise a child. I don’t think two parents can raise a child. You really need the whole village.” – Toni Morrison

Danielle Zola

Co-Founder, Director
Parent-Child Program Lead

Danielle Zola LMSW, MS Ed is an educator, transformational woman’s coach and holistic therapist, kids yoga instructor as well as an EFT practitioner.

She has a BA in Psychology and graduated from a dual degree program called, “Infant and Parent Development and Early Intervention” in 2009 where she received both her Masters in Social Work and Education. She has been trained in the Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping as she incorporates a more holistic approach to therapy, coaching and teaching.

Danielle has had a passion for working with young children and families for her entire career. She began her journey in 2003 as a preschool teacher and worked in this capacity for over 6 years, culminating in creating a coop school drop off program for a group of two year olds. Danielle then moved on to focus on working as a therapist for mothers and children and opened up a private practice in 2015 where she continues to offer individual and group coaching sessions as well as retreats and a kids yoga program.

She has 3 young children and is passionate about teaching them about the things that matter in life; most of all disciplining their minds and opening and following their hearts above all else.

Kerin Santos

Co-Founder, Assistant Director
Elementary Program Lead

Kerin is an educator and librarian.

She completed her undergraduate degree at Sarah Lawrence College where she studied child development and psychology. She received her MLIS degree from St. John’s University with a specialization in youth services.

Kerin has gained invaluable insight into the learning process through her work in library services, community garden programs, summer camps, as well as through her teaching experiences in a Montessori classroom and as a homeschooling parent. Additionally, Kerin recently worked as a curriculum developer and content writer for iCAMP, which offers educational STEAM programming in the Hamptons and NYC.

Kerin is committed to pursuing ongoing professional development and is eager to continue evolving her practice as an educator. In the past she has participated in the Early Childhood Institute of the Hudson Valley’s Early Childhood Education conference, as well as New Jersey Montessori Association Corporation’s Annual Conference. Currently, Kerin recently became a teacher consultant for the Hudson Valley Writing Project after completing a year-long invitational institute on “Leadership in the Teaching of Writing” through SUNY New Paltz.

Kerin is passionate about the natural world and enjoys spending her spare time reading, hiking, horseback riding, and gardening with her two amazing children.

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